At Point & Click Studios, we make VR/AR experiences, apps, online courses, and all kinds of media content. We are a division of Make Every Media Lab.


Michael Ferstenfeld, CEO

Award-winning actor, producer, video editor, animator, web developer, media archivist, instructional systems design specialist, improv teacher, and storyteller with over two decades of experience working with universities, non-profits, corporations, realtors, think-tanks, marketing firms, artists, lawyers, municipal utility districts, rockstars, comedians, and even an equine hospital or two. Graduated from the University of Texas in Austin Plan II Honors Program in 2004, worked in marketing, e-learning, and documentary filmmaking for several years, and then in 2009 became the Artistic Director and co-founder of Austin, TX based theatre/media company, Dystheatre. “Do You See Theatre” has received a grant from the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division since 2011. Meanwhile Michael has been Digital Media and Marketing Communications Specialist at ZACH Theatre since July of 2014, where he continues to innovate, educate, and automate by day, while performing, podcasting, and developing AR/VR apps by night.